York County

Is York County the right move for you?

Moving is a huge deal & you have to consider everything!

It is home to approximately 65,000 people & is the fastest growing locality in Hampton Roads!

Yorktown has some of the most interesting history you will see & hear! It was founded in 1691 & is most famous for General George Washington defeating General Charles Cornwallis in 1781, the last major battle of the American Revolutionary War.  

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How much would you be paying in taxes in York County?

Real Estate Taxes are based on the assessed value that the county assessors give. It is $.7515 per $100 of the assessed value. Example: Property was assessed at $200,000. 200,000 / 100 = 2,000 x 0.7515 = 1,503. Real Estate Taxes would be $1503.

Personal Property Taxes, i.e vehicles, boats, trailers etc.. are based on the assessed value as well. It is $4.00 per $100 of the assessed value. Example: Boat is valued at $2,000. 2,000 / 100 = 20 x 4.00 = 80. Personal property taxes on the boat would be $80.

Business Personal Property Taxes i.e. tools, fixtures etc.. are based on the assessed value too. It is $4.00 per $100 of the assessed value. Example: Tools are worth $75,000. 75,000 / 100 = 750 x 4.00 = 3,000. Business Personal Property Taxes would be $3,000

If you have kids, what schools would be best for them?

Schools in York County: Click on each name to go to their websites for more information

High Schools:

Bruton, Grafton, Tabb & York

Middle Schools:

Grafton, Queens Lake, Tabb & Yorktown

Elementary Schools:

Bethel Manor, Coventry, Dare, Grafton Bethel, Magruder, Mount Vernon, Seaford, Tabb, Waller Mill & Yorktown

Do you need to register your kids for school? 

Click here to visit the FAQ section of the York County School Division page to get your answers!

Utility company information to transfer or start a new service at your new home.

Electricity: Dominion Power sign up online at dom.com or call (888) 667-3000

Water: Different parts of York County are serviced by different companies. Lower York County is serviced by Newport News Waterworks call (757) 926-1000 to start or transfer new service. Upper York County is serviced by York County (757) 890-3752, Newport News Waterworks (757) 926-1000, James City County Service Authority (757) 253-6800, City of Williamsburg Public Works (757) 220-6188 & Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc (800) 552-7714. If you don’t know if you are considered Upper or Lower contact York County (757) 890-3752 & they can help direct you.

Natural Gas: (If this applies to your home) Call Virginia Natural Gas (866) 229-3578 to set up a new service or transfer service.

Did you just move to York County & did not receive your new resident packet?

Request one by emailing piofc@yorkcounty.gov & they can get one mailed to you!

Yorktown offers ton of activities & events all year round.

Check out the Historical Yorktown 2015 Events, Festivals & Activities Brochure

Information was taken from the York County & York County Economic Development website.